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SF6 Gas Recovery Device






14. SF6 Gas Recovery Device


Brief introduction


HZHS-515 type SF6 gas recovery device is an integrated recovery device. The device is composed of a recovery system, a vacuum pumping system, a cleaning system, a storage system and a condensing system.


Product features


Adopt advanced principle and technology, advanced design, complete function, reasonable structure, simple operation.

Two-stage rotary vane vacuum pump, the vacuum speed is fast, and equiped with anti oil return device.

Automatically confirm and adjust the three phase power supply for electrical system.

Using the latest patented technology SF6 special instrument and valves, more reliable than similar products.

The device adopts air cooling movable type, and can be used without external water source.


Product parameters


Ultimate Vacuum Degree

≤133Pa (special requirement can 5Pa)

Vacuum Pumping Speed


Initial Inflation Pressure

<133Pa(set according to user requirements)

Recovery Compressor Speed


The Max Design Pressure of Storage Tank

4.0M Pa(customized according to special requirements )

Final Inflation Pressure

≤0.8M Pa

Inflation Rate


Initial Recovery Pressure

≤0.8M Pa

Final Recovery Pressure

≤1K Pa (standard0.05MP or more advanced≤10x133Pa)

Gas Humidity After The First Recovery

80PPM(50kg is for the first time treatment)

Annual Leakage Rate


Volume of Storage Tank


Storage Type

Normal temperature liquid

Power Supply

AC three phase 380V±10%, 50Hz


≤75dB sound pressure level

Total Power


Dust Control

Particle diameter<1UM(micro meter)

Oil Control


Cumulative Failure Free Operation


Continuous Trouble Free Operation

>1000 hours