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High Precision SF6 Quantitative Gas Leak Detector





13.  High Precision SF6 Quantitative Gas Leak Detector


Brief introduction


HZJL-514 High precision SF6 quantitative gas leak detector has high sensitivity, good stability, fast response speed, simple operation, large moving range, can rapidly and accurately qualitatively and quantitatively detect the leakage point and leakage rate of SF6 circuit breaker and GIS.


Product features


Small and lightweight, can detect higher leakage point, wide moving range, high sensitivity. Optimized design of the circuit, while reducing noise and electromagnetic interference, so that improve the sensitivity. Long use time, strong anti-interference, high stability, good repeatability, high reliability.

Using advanced yest methods, giving highly accurate calibration curve, intuitive display, sound and light alarm

Fast response, recovery time is short

Built-in self diagnostic function. This instrument has the self monitor function of itself work status.

Intuitive indication. There are indication lights of all buttoms on the panel.


Product parameters


Minimum Detection Value


Response Time


Detection Range


Recovery Time



Indication Error






Zero drift: <±1%

Detection Length of Gun

4 meter

Span drift: <±1%

Continuous Working Time

3 hours

Indication Type

Indicating instrument display and sound and light signal

Power Supply

220V 50Hz

Using Environment

Temperature: 5~45



Relative humidity: 85%