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SF6 Density Relay Calibrator




11. SF6 Density Relay Calibrator


Brief introduction


HZQT-510 intelligent SF6 density relay calibrator is a kind of intelligent SF6 density relay calibration equipment. The instrument adopts high precision pressure sensor and high-speed A/D converter with 32 bit high performance microprocessor, can check on the performance of various SF6 density relay. It can accurately measure the pressure value under current temperature when signal action. Automatic complete the standard pressure conversion of any ambient temperature to 20, and can be printed in a timely manner, storage test data for reviewing, while automatically identify the fault during test. The product has the advantages of convenient carrying, simple operation, high test precision, strong stability and good reliability.


Product features


Using 32 bit microprocessor and TI company high speed signal processing chip for detection and control, high degree of integration. Mechanical and electrical integration design, high precision, good repeatability, high reliability.

Equipped with large LCD screen and rotary mouse (a key shuttle), man-machine interface, simple operation, beautiful interface, all parameters and status at a glance.

Automatically complete the pressure measurement and 20 value conversation, thereby completing the dynamic automatic compensation between pressure and temperature.  And display the pressure under the tested ambient temperature, pressure and ambient temperature when 20. Thoroughly solved the problem that SF6 gas density relay field calibration is difficult.

All the testing process is done by the instrument automatically, without manual intervention, avoiding the tedious manual operation.

Characters statements print the test results, and intelligence analyse the test results.

It can simultaneously store up to 50 times the test results, With power down data protection function, can check and print the results of previous tests.

Do not need constant temperature room during calibration process, can calibrate SF6 gas density relay, pressure gauge in any effective temperature range.

Equipped with various types of excessive joint, density relay of most types switch can carry out on-site calibration without disassemble.

In the calibration process, the gas consumption is very little, and the SF6 gas is not wasted, the test cost is low, and no pollution to the environment.

With the function of online modify the system clock.

With the funtion of online modify the system pressure, can correct on site.

Core components are imported with reliable performance.

Can simutaneously test a set of alarm signal, two groups of blocking signal.

This product is a portable tool, easy to use. It is the best choice for SF6 density relay calibration.


Product parameters


Working Voltage

AC220V, 50Hz




0.2 level

Pressure Display Resolution


Pressure Calibration Range


Ambient Temperature Display Resoluion


Ambient Temperature Measurement Range


Working Humidity


Calibration Object

Single alarm, single latch, single alarm single latch, single alarm double latch

Display Mode

320x240 graphic dot matrix monochrome LCD screem

Operation Mode

rotary mouse (a key shuttle) input


High speed micro printer

Printing Mode

Chinese character report print

Storage Capacity

Can store 50 times test results at the same time