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Intelligent SF6 Micro Water Detector





9.   Intelligent SF6 Micro Water Detector


Brief introduction


HZWS-509 Intelligent SF6 micro water detector is collectibles replacement level product at present. The instrument is the introduction of Finland Vaisala humidity sensor of high precision and high stability. It has the advantages of high accuracy and good repeatability, fast test speed, drift small.


Product features


Easy to operate, portable.

Unique large screen display and large storage function.

Anti pollution, anti interference.

Good repeatability, fast response, high sensitivity and good stability.

Origination of curve display and electric quantity display.

Automatic conversion to 20 standard value.


Product parameters


Measurement Range

Dew point-80℃~20℃ or -60℃~60℃(with ppmv automatic conversion function)

Measurement Acuracy


Response Time

63%[90%]; +20-20Td 5s[45s]; -20-60 Td 10s[240s]




Dew point 0.1 or 0.1ul/l

Storage Temperature Level


Working Voltage

220VAC±10% 50Hz, AC and DC two purpose, overcharge protection, continuous working



Operation Environment

Temperature: -25~60relative humidity: ≤90%RH


About 3.8kg