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Zinc Oxide Arrester Characteristic Tester





8.   Zinc Oxide Arrester Characteristic Tester


Brief introduction


HZYX-507 Zinc Oxide arrester characteristic tester is used to measure and analyse zinc oxide leakage current. Mainly used to measure the resistive current, so as to analyze the extent of zinc oxide aging and damp.


Product features


Large-screen LCD display, full Chinese menu operation.

Precision sampling and processing circuits, advanced Fourier harmonic analysis techniques to ensure the reliability of data.

The reference voltage input terminal has 0.1A fuse, inside the instrument there is an isolating transformer which completely isolate the instrument and on-site PT, double insurance to ensure the safety of PT.

Having a resistive current fundamental peak output, side-phase correction function.

Equipped with rechargeable battery, calendar clock, mini printer, can store 210 sets of measurement data.

Equipped with RS-232 communication interface, data can be upload to computer to process.


Product parameters


Reference Voltage Input Range(peak value)


Full Leakage Current Measurement Range(peak value)


Resistance Current Measurement Range(peak value)


Capacitive Current Measurement Range(peak value)


Angle Measurement Range


Power Consumpution


System Measurement Accuracy

±(reading x5%+5 letters)(harmonic current2mA)

AC Power Supply

AC220V±10%, 50Hz±1%