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Capacitance and Inductance Tester






21.  Capacitance and Inductance Tester


Brief introduction


HZDG-432 Capacitance and inductance test is developed under the direction of reactive power compensation experts, against the problem of field measurement for capacitance value of substation capacitor.


Product features


Automatically converse the measuring range.

Can store 7168 test data.

Large-screen LCD (320x240)display, Chinese menu prompting operation.

Achieve the waveform and measurement data display with the same screen to make the testing process more intuitive.

With functions of setting, calibration and debugging.


Product parameters


Capacity Measuring Range


Capacity Range


Measurement Accuracy

0.2µF~2µF±1% reading±0.02µF

0.2µF~2000µF±1% reading±2 letters

Inductance Measuring Range


Measurement Accuracy

±1.5% reading±2 letters

Output Test Voltage

AC 26V/500VA; 50Hz

Display Mode

Large liquid crystal display full Chinese character output



Working Condition

Ambiemt temperature: 0~+40, relative humidity: 90%

Power supply: AC220V±10%; 50Hz