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Capacitive Current Tester






20.  Capacitive Current Tester


Brief introduction


HZDL-431 Capacitive current tester can easure the capacitance current of the distribution network directly from the secondary side of the PT, connect the measuring line to the open end of the PT, the data of the capacitance current can be measured. Due to the difference frequency test signal injected from PT open delta is weak, neither it will not have any impact on relay protection and PT itself, nor avoid the 50Hz power frequency interference signals, while the output terminal of the tester can withstand 100V AC voltage. If the measuring system has a single-phase ground fault occurs, it will not damage the PT and the tester, therefore do not need special security measures. So the test is safe, simple, fast, and the test results are accurate, stable and reliable.


Product features


Large-screen LCD, Chinese menu, the operation is very simple, small size, light weight, easy to carry

Wiring is simple, test speed, high accuracy of the data, greatly reducing the labor intensity of testing personnel, improve work efficiency.


Product parameters


Measurement Range

Total ground capacitance120µF(three phase to ground)

Working Temperature


Capacitive current500A(35kV system)

Relative Humidity


Capacitive current200A(10kV system)

Power Supply

AC220V±10%, 50Hz±1%

Measurement Accuracy

±5%(capacitance capacity90µF)



±10%(90µF≤capacitance capacity120µF)