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Microcomputer Relay Protection Tester




15.  Microcomputer Relay Protection Tester


Brief introduction


      HZJB Series microcomputer relay protection tester is a new small microcomputer relay protection testing instrument, manufactured referencing DL/T624-1997<<microcomputer relay protection test device technology>>, listening to the views of users, summarizing the advantages and disadvantages of the domestic products of the same category, using modern advanced microelectronic technology and device.


Product features


Satisfy all on-site test requirements.

Technical indicators fully meet the DL/T624-1997microcomputer relay protection test device technologystandard issued by the Ministry of electric power.

This device Windows XP system comes with recovery function, avoid systemcrash caused by the illegal shutdown or misuse.

Main control board uses DSF+FPGA structure, 16 bit DAC output, the basic wave can produce weekly 2000 points of high density sine wave, greatly improve the waveform quality, and improve the accuracy of the test instrument.

The classic WindowsXP operation interface, the man-machine interface is friendly, the operation is simple and quick.

Amplifier using high fidelity linear power amplifier, both to ensure the accuracy of the small current, but also to ensure the stability of the large current.

With GPS synchronous test function. The device can be built in GPS synchronous card, connected with the PC machine through the RS232 interface, to achieve synchronous test switch of two test sets in different places.


Product parameters







AC Current

3 x (0~40A/phase)

3 x (0~40A/phase)

6 x (0~30A/phase)

DC Current

3 x (0~±10A/phase)

3 x (0~±30A/phase)

6 x (0~±10A/phase)

AC Voltage

4 x (0~120V/phase)

4 x (0~125V/phase)

6 x (0~125V/phase)

DC Voltage

4 x (0~±160V/phase)

4 x (0~±150V/phase)

6 x (0~±150V/phase)





Switch Quality

8 pairs of output, 4 pairs of input

Auxilary Output

Auxiliary DC source: 220VDC/110VDC automatically output simultaneously, can be used to protect power supply, without the need to set and adjust the software. Power: single channel not less than 110VA.


Can equip with a notebook computer to operate

Windows XP system, embedded industrial control computer