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Excitation Characteristic Tester






13.  Excitation Characteristic Tester


Brief introduction


HZCT-411 Excitation characteristic tester is our company launched the latest enhanced excitation characteristics tester. This instrument uses the most advanced high speed microprocessor technology, the function is more powerful, the performance is superior, the use is more convenient. With the features of high reliability, simple operation, high test precision, compact and light, etc. At present it is in the lead leve in our country.


Product features


Automatic acquisition, measurement, display, store, print all measuring parameters and excitation characteristic curve (voltage, current, power, frequency, equipment number, time, etc.).

Large measurement range, can automatically and manually measure excitation data of set point.

Built in large capacity memory, can save the test data, and by standard industrial communication interface(RS232) upload to PC, use corresponding software that developed by our company.

To achieve the data download, automatic generation and editing of typical test reports, to facilitate the technical management and archiving.

With perfect over-voltage, over-current protection function, the overcurrent and overvoltage protection value is automatically adjusted according to the set test parameters.

Can test voltage ampere characteristic of voltage(current) transformer, arc suppression coil.

Comes with a large screen graphic LCD, full Chinese menu interface, the cursor prompts, simple and convenient.

Real-time display test data and curves, curve coordinates automatically zoom,  reading is more clarity.

Comes with micro-printer, can print test report real-time


Product parameters


AC Voltage

0~300V 0.2 level

AC Current

0~20A 0.2 level

Active Power

0~6kW 0.5 level


40~75Hz 0.2 level

Power Supply

220V±10% 50Hz

Relative Humidity

<95% (25)





External Disturbance

No extremly vibration

No extremly magnetic field

Power Supply

160VAC~280VAC, 45Hz~55Hz