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High And Low Voltage Switch Cabinet Power On Test Bench





11.  High And Low Voltage Switch Cabinet Power On Test Bench


Brief introduction


HZGK series high and low voltage switch cabinet power on test bench is used for power on test of high and low voltage switch cabinet. It can provide all kinds AC, DC power source,convenient to test switch cabinet, improve working efficiency.


Product features


Integrate many kinds AC, DC power source.

Convenient to test switch cabinet, greatly improve working efficiency.

Every circuit independently control output.

With working alarm light indication.

Can be customized according to user’s requirements.


Product parameters


Input Power Supply

Three phase four wire AC 380V N


0~430V, current<10A(adjustable)

0~10V, voltage<20V(adjustable)

10A/10V capacitive, resistive, inductive(adjustable)

AC Operation Voltage

AC 0~380V, when 220V, current<10A

DC Operation Voltage

Adjustable value DC0~300V

Fixed Value

DC24V, 36V, 110V, 220V



Single phase AC 220V output



Three phase AC10A output