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Grounding Resistance Tester for Switch Cabinet




10.  Grounding Resistance Tester for Switch Cabinet


Brief introduction


HZJD-613 is a general-purpose test decice for security parameters produced according to the latest national standards requirements, it is widely used in grounding resistance test of electric power switch, security test of electrical equipment and other electrical products. It is the essential test device of these electrical product factories.


Product features


Prefabricated resistance or time value.

Over limitation alarm: when current value over 30A, resistance over set value, the device issues sound and light alarm, data display for 3 seconds, 3 seconds later press reset key and rotate the current regulation gear counterclockwise to the end, the device returns to test status.

External control button operation is convenient and reliable.


Product parameters


Test Voltage

AC; 10V

Test Current

20~200mΩ: 30A 200mΩ~600mΩ 10A

Test Accuracy


Test Resistance Range


Timing Range

1~99 second

Working Voltage

AC; 220V

Using Environment

Temperature: 0~40; humidity: 75%