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Brush Tinning Machine





9.   Brush Tinning Machine


Brief introduction


HZSD-308 is a new device special developed for on site brush tinning. It sets a number of patented technologies as one, the main part, controlling part and display part are all improved and selected carefully, not only durable, safe and reliable, controlling and indication is exact, working is stable, but also convenient to operate, small vollume, light weight, beautiful appearance, very suitable for online, field, cabin, high altitude and other field operations. It is the essential equipment for tinning work of electric power manufacturing enterprise and related units.


Product features


Brush tinning speed is rapid, stable, low cost

The solution is stable, the purity is high, no corrosion to the copper substrate.

Process is mature, simple and reliable

Low cost(0.05yuan/1dm brush tinning 5micromillimeter), fast dust accumulation


Product parameters


Input Voltage


Insulation Strength

AC1500v, 50Hz

Output Voltage

DC 0V~10V no leval adjustment

Working Temperature


Output Current


Storage Temperature


Insulation Resistance


Relative Humidity