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Integrated Tansformer Tester





14.  Integrated Tansformer Tester


Brief introduction


HZSC-211integrated transformer tester is a high precision instrument used for transformer capacity, no load, on load ect characteristic test. It is muti-function and equal to two testers.


Product features


Can test transformer no load current, no load loss, short circuit voltage, short circuit(load) loss.

This instrument can automatically determine the wiring connection is right when test no load and on load three phase transformer, also can display vector diagram of three phase voltage,current.

Single machine can complete on-load test under the full current of distribution transformer <1000KVA. Under 1/3 rated current it can complete on load test of distribution transformer <3150KVA(under 1/3 rated current, this instrument can count the on load loss parameters under rated current ).


Product parameters


Environment Condition

Temperature: -5~40

Measurement Range

Capacity: 30kVA~65000kVA

Relative humidity: <90%

Voltage: 0~700V, automatically switch measurement range internally

Altitude: <2500m

Current: 0~100A, automatically switch measurement range internally

External disturbance: no special strong vibration, no special strong electromagnetic field

Frequency: 45Hz~65Hz

External power supply: 220V±10%, 45Hz~55Hz

Measurement accuracy

Voltage: 0~100V, ±0.2%FS; 100~700V, ±0.2%

Current: 0~10A, ±0.2%FS; 10~100A, ±0.2%

Power: ±0.5%(CosØ>0.1), ±1.0%(0.02<CosØ<0.1)