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Induction Withstand Voltage Test Device





13. Induction Withstand Voltage Test Device


Brief introduction


HZYR series induction withstand voltage test device is used for testing double frequency inductionwithstand voltage of power transformer, transformer, reactor ect. it also can test partial discharge with partial discharge detector.


Product features


Can produce 150Hz, 800V AC power source, can test for three transformer

Easy to use, perfect protection function of controlling part

Only voltage regulator is on the zero position, the device can start up intermediate frequency power supply, ensure the intermediate frequency output from low voltage.

After the motor is started by Y-, intermediate frequency power source can be started when intermediate frequency indicator light bright to ensure the motor is started under full voltage

With thermal relay protection function, when the motor overheated, cut off the main circuit, the voltage regulator automatically returns to zero.

If xxcited power supply current and intermediate frequency output power supply is over load, over current relay action, cut off the main circuit, the voltage regulator automatically returns to zero


Product parameters


Rated Capacity

10~2500 kW

Output Capacity


Input Voltage

Three phase four wire AC380V±10%

Relative Humidity


Input Current



≤2500 meter

Input Frequrency


Output Frequency


Power Factor

Cosø 0.8

Excitation Mode

AC, DC exciting adjustment

Output Voltage

40~800V AC

Ambient Temperature

-15 - 45