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Special Transformer Ratio Tester






10. Special Transformer Ratio Tester


Brief introduction


HZZB-202 special transformer ratio tester is a professional product usd for three phase transformer test, specially suitable for Z type winding transformer, rectifier transformer and scott, inverse scotte, balance transformer in railway electrical system.


Product features


Use latest waveform generator, by non distortion, high stability with feedback power to drive the closed-loop system to generate 120V three-phase power supply, output stable and not affected by power grid fluctuations.

Output, input six way signal at the same time sampling, high efficiency digital filter, strong anti-interference ability. Realize three phase automatica measurement. Rapid measurement speed and high result precision.

Can test scott, inverse scott and Z type winding transformer, filling up the gaps in the country.

Ratio, error, group value displayed in the same screen, convenient and initiative. Can save 100groups test results and the data can be uploaded to the PC, convenient to analyze and check.

Big screen liquid crystal diplay, operation is simply, initiative and convenient.

Equipped with panel micro printer, can print the test results in Chinese.


Product parameters


Power Supply

AC 220±22V


Phase Difference Resolutio


Ratio Range

Three phase0~1000

Single phase0~5000


0.2 level


Group 1~group 12



Phase Difference Measurement Range