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HZHT-208 Transformer Comprehensive Characteristics Test Console


HZHT-208 transformer comprehensive characteristics test console conform to the state standard GB/T4776, GB/T5169, GB/4285.It is mainly used for load and no-load characteristics testing of power transformer, distribution transformer, also can do  power frequency voltage withstand and double frequency inductance, partial discharge tests. The measuring parts of this device is controlled by high performance single clip microcomputer, no-load and load test data are sampled by it to avoid the error caused by voltmeter, ammeter, watt meter separately reading and manual calculation in traditional test methods.


Large screen backlight LCD display, operation and display are clear classified, easy to operate.

Can do DC resistance test of 50kVA to 100000kVA power transformer, ratio group test, no-load loss test, on load loss test, AC withstand voltage test, inductance withstand voltage test .

Voltage, current digital display meter or pointer meter can be read directly, loss, ratio, DC resistance test results can be print and download.

Withstand voltage test over-current, alarm with sound and light, timing.


1.Measure and control no-load test, on-load test, power frequency test, double frequency test of 10kV, 35kV, 110kV, 220kV, and transformer capacity less than 20000kV.

2.Measure and monitor parts: input three phase voltage monitor meter(digital display), input current monitor meter(digital display), output voltage monitor meter(digital display), power frequency test voltage measuring meter(digital display), power frequency test current measuring meter(digital display), double frequency test voltage measuring meter(digital display), double frequency test current measuring meter(digital display).

3.Operation parts:

Switch function of test items

Control of input and output voltage

Control of load and no load test current shift

Control of voltage regulator voltage step-up and step-down.

4.Protection parts: load and no load test over-current protection, power frequency test over-current protection, double frequency test over-current protection.

5.Power source type: three phase four wires.

6.Current transformer parts: use two same model 0.05 level current transformers which are various