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ZGF Intelligent DC High Voltage Generator


ZGF type DC high voltage generator used AIPWM technique, adjusted the inaccuracy linearity of PWM technology, let the instrument precision greatly improved. It is mainly used in the electric power department, power department of industrial and mining, metallurgy, iron and steel enterprise for zinc oxide lightning arrester, power cables, transformers, circuit breakers, generators and other high voltage electrical equipment of DC withstand voltage test or DC leakage current test.


 Large voltage feedback, high output voltage stability, small ripple coefficient.

 It has grounding protection and prompt function.

◆Multiple protection: it has the function of internal over-current, external over-voltage and over-current protection.

◆Non-zero protection: coarse potentiometer does not return to zero, high voltage cannot start.

Voltage protection setting: set the over-voltage protection value according to the voltage value required by the experiment.

Structural features: epoxy glass fiber reinforced plastic electrical insulation double cylinder, air insulation, no leakage worry.

75% uDC-1mA function button to facilitate zinc oxide arrester test.

◆Over-voltage protection using dial code settings, at a glance.

◆The tested product has no capacity limit and can be charged with 1.5 times of rated current.

◆Vertical and horizontal dual-use international standard chassis, folding support foot, large diameter and area, good stability, field use more convenient.


Input Voltage 

AC 220V±10%;50Hz

Output Voltage 


Output Current


Ripple Coefficient


Voltage Adjustment Precision


Measurement Error


Over-voltage Setting Error


0.75 Switch Error


Max Resolution


Environment Temperature Environment