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Full Automatic Partial Discharge Test System


HZJF series PD tester system is mainly used for testing frequency voltage insulation level of various insulation materials, insulation structure and electrical products, also as partial discharge frequency testing power supply for testing object such as transformer, mutual inductor and lightning arresters. It widely used in electrical manufacturing, power operation departments, research institutes and universities.


A variety of control methods and insulation methods can be used to configure freely according to user demand.

Build-in multiple frequency power generator is used for testing partial discharge value of high voltage transformer.The system has a built-in multi-frequency power generator which can be used to measure the discharge of high voltage transformer.

◆Manual control operation is intuitive, easy to use maintenance, low price.

◆It has gas insulation, transformer oil insulation, dry epoxy resin insulation and other forms test transformer, can choose and match according to user's demand.

◆According to the user's requirements, different sets of measuring instruments can be configured to meet the requirements of different precision and analysis faults.

◆Automatic control system can be used in different configurations of the bureau, and the results can be automatically detected and analyzed.


Rated Capacity


Impedance Voltage


Input Voltage

AC 220V/AC 380V

Output Voltage Waveform

Power frequency, sine wave

Output Voltage

AC 0-1000kV

Surface Temperature

Oil immersed:<55℃

Gas: <50℃

Partial Discharge

Under rated voltage≤5PC

No-load Loss


Insulation Method

Oil, Gas

Allowed Continuous Operation Time

Once an hour