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HZJL-SC513 SF6 Gas Leakage Detector


The instrument is the essence of 30 years production experience of leakage detector, and the new generation fully automatic intelligent detector is the most stable and sensitive leakage detector.

The high-tech central microprocessor is the core of this product, and its digital signal processing capability can well manage the circuit and process the detection signal. Due to adopt large number of integrated circuits, make the quantity of components in the circuit is 40% reduced, which greatly improves the reliability and efficiency. Microprocessors monitor the probe and battery voltages at speed 4,000 times per second, and very small signals can be captured and reliably and stably work in any environment.

The detector adds a few convenient functions: the seven-level sensitivity makes sensitivity increases 64 times, and the trichromatic secondary tube indicates the extent of the leak in a gradual manner. It is also used to display sensitivity level and battery power.Touch keyboard can perform all operation, fashion-forward slim shape design is very convenient to use and maintain.It is very convenient for the indicator light to be directly in the eye range in use.


Adopt microprocessor with advanced digital signal processing ability to control.

Tricolor video display.

 Seven gears sensitivity setting, max 64 times to strength.

Light touch keyboard.

The sensitivity is adjustable at any time.

Automatic battery test function.

Battery voltage indication.

Pass SAEJ1627 certification, can detect R134a,R12,R22.

Can detect all halogen refrigerants.

 Get samples by real mechanical pump to provide forward flow for the probe.

With gradual change function.

Wireless and portable, only two batteries are required.

High strength instrument box, reliable protective equipment.

35cm flexible stainless steel probe.


Minimum detection value

1*(10-6 volume )

Measurement Range

1~1000(*10-6 volume)

Response Time


Recovery Time


Error of indication


Working Environment

Temperature: -5~+45     Relative humidity: ≤85%RH