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HZDL Series Large Current Generator


HZDL series large current generator is the necessary equipment in the electrical debugging of all walks of life that need large current , used in power plant, variable distribution substation, electrical appliance manufacturers and scientific research, laboratory and other units, it is short-time or intermittent working method, with small volume, light weight, good performance, convenient to use and maintenance etc.


Parameter data display by big LCD screen, with backlight, clear reading and visualized, at the same time display voltage, current, time and so on, with all sorts of data set functions, using large current intelligent control system to realize intelligent control;

Time relay start/stop condition can be set arbitrarily, adopting high precision sensor and high performance collection chip.

Light touch panel button operation, all functions can be set by key, improve the product safety, reliability, the whole process is intelligent work.

Optional automatic current step-up test, manual current step-up test and impact quick break test, operation is flexible and simple.

Display the output current in real time, and the time results are displayed intuitively.

Perfect over-current protection, arbitrary set target output current value, current upper limit and resistance time.

It has the function of grounding detection and zero returning detection, and the test can be carried out after the grounding and zero returning are confirmed.

The approximate type computing method of current step-up, after reaching to the setting target output current, automatic withstand current start timing, after timing stop, the motor automatically returns to zero.

Exceed the setting output current limit, the motor automatically returns to zero, and the sound and light alarm;

Combination of hard and software anti-interference technology, stable performance, strong anti-interference and good adaptability to bad electromagnetic environment.

Automatic error diagnosis, easy to find and solve problems;

Optional remote communication, door interlock alarm bell, open voltage check interface, etc.

 small volume, light weight, reasonable structure, reliable and durable.


Rated Voltage


Output Current


Display Method

7inch true color HD digital screen

Data Storage

60 groups



Voltage Precision


Touch Method

Resistive touch, more accurate


Multi-level permission setting

Output Voltage


Current Precision


Operation Method

Auto, manual

HZDL-Z without printer

HZDL-Z without printer