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HZJF-SC128 Handheld Partial Discharge Tester


The HZJF-SC128 hand-held partial discharge detector is used to detect the local discharge power supply in medium and high voltage equipment.If no discharge is detected, it does not mean that there is no discharge activity in medium and high voltage equipment.Power discharges often have an incubation period, and the insulation may fail for reasons other than partial discharge.If a significant discharge is detected in equipment connected to the medium-high voltage power system, the equipment maintenance department should be notified immediately.


1.Sensor configuration

Standard equipment: ultrasonic sensor (UA), ground wave sensor (TEV)
Optional: transformer special sensor network, GIS specialUHF sensor, high voltage cable special sensor, can also be customized according to user requirements.

2.Detection principle: UA, TEV and UHF

3.Detection frequency band:

               UA: 40~200KHz

              TEV: 3~100MHz

              UHF: 300~2000MHz.

5.Measurement range:

              UA: -90~80dB

             TEV: -80~10dBm

             UHF: -80~10dBm.

6.Sensitivity: the minimum sensitivity is 10pC (specifically determined by the distance between the sensor and the discharge source).


a) Ultrasonic sensor: 20~200(kHz);

b)TEV (Transient Earth Voltage) sensor: 5 ~ 100MHz;

c) UHF sensor: 300~2000(MHz), with directional reception characteristic.

8.Embedded ultrasonic sensor and TEV & UA integrated sensor: such components as transformer dedicated sensor, GIS dedicated sensor and cable dedicated sensor can be selected;

9.Software function:

a) Continuously detect UHF, TEV and ultrasonic signals to judge whether there is any partial discharge;

b) Display the variation tendency of the detected signal in a real-time manner to intuitively judge the development of the partial discharge signal;

c) Field data storage function;

10.Instrument characteristics:

a) Screen display: high-contrast 3.5”TFT color screen.

b) Data storage: 1000 groups of test data can be stored.

c) Working power supply: embedded 8.4V lithium battery for 8h’s continuous operation.

d) Power supply: input 100-240VAC, output 8.4V/3A, charging time 3~4h.

e) Boundary dimension:230 * 120 * 55(mm).

f) Instrument weight:1.5kg.

g) Environment temperature: -25℃~45℃.

h) Storage temperature: -35℃~60℃.

11.Complete configuration: host machine, sensor, AC adapter, connecting cable and transport case.