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HZGE - LB Isolation Transformer(Isolation Filter)


HZGE - LB series isolation filter is made of high quality materials and advanced technology for many years specializing in the production of the 50VA ~ 800 kVA series single-phase, three-phase isolation transformer.It is widely used in power plants, power systems, industrial and mining, the place of transportation load and power grid where need electrical isolation as power source, is automatic control system, communication scheduling network, computer center, purification of the precision measurement test system (anti-interference) essential equipment .
The isolation transformer is made of high quality cold rolled silicon steel sheet, high strength insulating enamelled wire and SBECB double glass fiber covered wire and E/H class insulation material, and the protective products are designed shell according to the requirements of the IP2X level.

The isolation transformer has three types: unshielded and single/double shielding, except for the first one to prevent primary and secondary voltages mixed, and also to suppress the influence of the clutter wave on primary side to the secondary side.

The isolation transformer is a dry protective shell with small volume, light weight and easy installation, suitable for all kinds of occasions.


Parameters of Isolation Transformer




Three phasesingle phase

Input Voltage


Output Voltage


Primary And Secondary Isolation Voltage

AC 3000V(customized)

Working Frequency


Isolation Filter

Filter Quality Factor


Partial Discharge


Insulation Lever

5Kv/1min no partial discharge

Attenuation Characteristics

40kHz~100kHz>40DB; 100kHz~1MHz>500DB

Can be customized.