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GWF Capacitive Voltage Divider


The GWF series capacitive voltage divider is mainly used for AC high voltage measurement. It has simple operation, intuitive display and high precision.


high-precision signal processing part, high performance OP is used for signal amplification, and the latest double integral AD sampling technology is used, and the highest resolution reaches to 0.001kV.

Anti-interference performance is good, use special shielding technology, high voltage divider and low voltage display meter adopts high quality coaxial cable connection, reduce the influence of high voltage to display value, so as to realize high stability, high linearity.

 safe and reliable, the instrument is composed of high voltage divider and low voltage display meter, the high voltage divider is adopted America Dupont filling materials, special process irrigation and sealing, smaller structure, lighter weight, lower internal partial discharge capacity, higher reliability.

The operation is simple, using the dial switch to handover high and low voltage, AC and DC, its convenient and quick. Four and a half liquid crystal direct simply and intuitively display measurement results. It makes on site inspection work is more convenient.

Portable structure,the whole machine with aluminum alloy as main case, it is convenient to disassemble and install. Small size and light weight, easy to use and carry.


Measurement Range

AC 0~500kV



Divider Ratio


Voltage Factor


Measurement Accuracy


Measurement Frequency


Insulation Medium

America Dupont dry medium material

Environment Temperature