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Interturn Impulse Voltage Withstand Test Machine

HZZJ series interturn impulse voltage withstand tester is applicable to motor, transformer, electric coil and other products which are manufactured by enameled wire.There are quality problems for enameled wire insulation coating itself, as well as the damage of insulation layer in the winding,inserting coil, scraping coil, connector end plastic, insulation varnished and assembly process, it may cause the insulation strength decrease ofturn-to-turn or insulation layers.This affects the quality and reliability of electrical equipment. According to GB14711-93 standard for "Small and medium-sized motor general requirements for safety" and GB755-87 standard for "Rotating machine basic technical requirements" and standard ofJB/T 2000-9615.1 " The scattered embedded ac low voltage motor winding interturn insulation test methods", interturn insulation voltage withstand test before and after varnished for  finished or semi-finished motor products must be done.
1.Use pulse waveform comparison method, get on equivalent over-voltage simulation test for coil winding of motor and electric appliance by high voltage pulse.
2.Quickly and correctly determine good or bad of winding turn insulation by observation, comparison and analysis of displayed waveform.
3.Good identification capacity for interturn short circuit, winding corona discharge, partial short circuit, wrong connection, coil balance, and other interturn insulation faults.
4.High electronic integration, tested waveform can be observed on the oscilloscope with the test instrument, peak voltage can be read on the digital meter, the amplitude of the Y axis and the scanning speed of the X axis can be adjusted continuously, with the characteristic of high precision and low fault. 
5.Satisfy rated working voltage 380V-6600V, ≤500kVA various modes micro motor ect. medium and small motor, high voltage motor, generator. Apply to motorcycle, automobile industry and other low voltage DC motor, starting motor, vacuum cleaner motor as well as Y80-Y355 motor.


Peak ValueVoltage 500~15000V continuously adjustable Peak Value Measurement Error ≤5%(1kV-15kV)
Waveform Rising Time 0.1µ S or 0.5µ S Power Supply 220V±10% 50Hz
Power Consumption ≤800W(HZZJ-112), ≤100W(HZZJ-500S)