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Infrared Electronic Fence



8.   Infrared Electronic Fence


Brief introduction


HZHY-813 Infrared electronic fence, can be used indoor and outdoor, which is a multi beam active infrared test site protection product, is a modern intelligent high-tech product. This product with features of installation and debugging is simple and convenient, beautiful appearance ect., is one of the protection fences of the field and laboratory safety.


Product features


Intelligent detection: adopt principle of multi beam correlation infrared and double beam identification, when people enter the prevention area, block adjacent two or more beams of infrared over 40ms, this instrument will sound wired/wireless alarm signal, and timely output switch signal.

High reliability: In addition to the anti shear line function, but also use anti interference technology.

Rainproof and moisture proof: use rainproof structure, suitable for indoor and outdoor and humid zone installation.

Beautiful and reliable structure: The shell body uses high-quality chrome material, the surface is spray treated which is durable. Use import filter which has a good filtering effect on the visible light.


Product parameters


Working Voltage

DC 99~24V

Detection Distance


Light Beam

4 light beams

Light Source

Infrared digital pulse type

Induction Speed


Alarm Output

Normally closed and normally open(NC&NO) contact capacity AV/DC:220V/0.5A