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Generator Rotor AC Impedance Tester





4.   Generator Rotor AC Impedance Tester


Brief introduction


HZZK-805 Generator rotor AC impedance tester uses "a key Shuttle" technology,(rotary mouse), easy to operate. Increase the function of display and print AC impedance characteristic curve and download data and edit test report when connect with the PC. This instrument uses the most advanced ultra high speed microprocessor, the function is more powerful, the performance is superior, the use is more convenient. With features of high reliability, simple operation, high test precision, compact and light, etc.. At present it is in the domestic leading level.


Product features


Use the latest high-speed synchronous measurement technology, fully automatic collection, measurement, display, storage, print all measurement parameters and impedance characteristic curve.

Large measurement range, automatic and manual measure rotor impedance and features curve of the inner and outer generator chamber in the dynamic and static.

Built-in large capacity memory, it can store 6400 groups of test data, and can be uploaded via industry standard communication interface(RS232) to PC, use our company developed software to download data, automatically generate and edit the typical test report which facilitate technology management and archiving.

With overvoltage and overcurrent protection function, and the overvoltage and overcurrent protection value is automatically adjusted according to the test parameters, which is simple and convenient and can ensure the safety of the tested equipment.

Can be used to do single-phase transformer no-load, short-circuit test and voltage (current) transformer, arc suppression coil voltage ampere characteristic test.


Product parameters


AC Impedance

0~99.999Ω 0.2 level

AC Voltage

0~600V  0.2 level

AC Current

0~120A  0.2 level

Active Power

0~72kW  0.2 level


45~75Hz  0.2 level

Power Supply

220V±10%  50Hz