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Circuit Parameter Tester





3.   Circuit Parameter Tester


Brief introduction


HZCS-715 different frequency circuit parameters tester is a high precision tester for testing various high voltage transmission line parameters of power station, substation and other on-site or laboratory. This instrument with integrated structure, built in frequency conversion power supply module, variable frequency power supply.


Product features


Frequency conversion technology, precision measurement: strong anti-interference ability, measurement output power supply is provided by internal self frequency conversion power supply module, frequency can be changed to 45Hz or 55Hz, use digital filtering technology to realize high precision and reliable measurement.

DSP high speed processor: fast and accurate, use a professional DSP digital signal processor as fast processing core, to ensure accurate measurement data, improve computing processing capability.

Simple operation: simple external wiring, to complete all the circuit parameters measurement only need one time access to the lead line of the tested lines.

Scientific and advanced data management: data can be download through U disk, through special software of our company, can check and manage the data and generate reports on any PC.


Product parameters


Rated Output

Voltage: 0~30kV

Measurement Accuracy

Voltage 1%

Current: 0~1000µA

Ambient Temperature

Relative Humidity

When 25≤85%



Power Voltage


Power Frequency