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Cable Fault Test System




1.   Cable Fault Test System


Brief introduction


HZGZ cable fault test system is a set of integrated cable fault detection instrument. It can test fault of the cable high resistance flashover, high and low resistance grounding, short circuit and cable disconnection, poor contact, ect., if equipped with Sonic locator, it can locate the fault point accurately. It is especially suitable for testing all kinds of models and different voltage levels power cable and communication cable.


Product features


Use the low voltage impulse method and the high voltage flashover method to detect all kinds of cable faults, espescially for cable flashover and high resistance fault, can directly detect without burnthrough.

High measurement accuracy. Use high speed data sampling technology, A/D sampling speed is 100MHz, resolution is 1m, detection blind area is 1m.

High intelligent degree. The measurement results are automatically displayed on the liquid crystal display large screen with the waveform and data, can intuitively determine the fault.

With waveform and parameter storage and search function. Nonvolatile devices are used, waveform and data is not easy to loss after power off.

With double trace display function. The test waveform of the fault cable can be compared with the normal waveform, which is conducive to the further judgment  of the fault.


Product parameters


HZGZ-711 Cable Fault Intelligent Tester

Test Distance


Ambient Temperature


Power Consumption




HZGZ-712 JF Type Cable Tracing and Fault Locating Instrument

Detection Distance

0.5mm³≤3km, others 20km

Fault Point Insulation Resistance


Location Accuracy


Detecting Depth


HZGZ-50 DC High Voltage Device

Rated Power


Insulation Mode

Epoxy recin, oil

Output Voltage

DC 0~50kV

Output Current