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Earth Resistance Tester





10.  Earth Resistance Tester


Brief introduction


HZJD-614 Earth resistance tester is applied to all kinds of device grounding resistance measurement of electric power, telecommunication, railway, industrial and mining enterprises ect.. Digital earth resistance tester also can measure soil resistivity and ground voltage. This instrument is a new type earth resisitance tester which abandons the traditional artificial generate electricity working mode, using advanced medium and large scale integrated circuit, integrating three terminal knob, and four terminal knob measurement as one by application of DC / AC inverter technology.


Product features


Use high strength aluminum alloy as the shell. In order to prevent the power frequency, radio frequency interference, use PLL synchronous tracking detection mode, equipped with switch capacitor filter, so that the instrument has good anti-interference capability.

Use DC/AC inverter technology, transform DC into AC low-frequency constant current, convenient to measurement.

The variation of the auxiliary grounding resistance between 0~1.8 KΩ(RC), 0~40KΩ(RP), and the measurement result is not affected.


Product parameters


Using Condition

Ambient Temperature


Relative Humidity


Measurement Range and constant current(effective value)


0~2Ω(10mA), 2~20Ω(10mA), 20~200Ω(1mA)


AC 0~20V


0.001Ω, 0.01Ω, 0.1Ω, 0.01V


0~0.2Ω±3%±1d  0.2Ω~200Ω±1.5%±1d  1~20V±3%±1d