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 Sales Service Letter of Commitment



Pre-sale service commitment

1.     Provide professional consultation within 24 hours.

2.     Send the technique information you need within 24 hours.

3.     Provide reasonable quotation for you within 24 hours.

4.     Invite you to visit our company at any time, and provide all the convenience for you.


In-sale service commitment

1.     Use unified sales contractto sign with you. Strictly implement the provisions of the contract with high quality products no matter how many equipments you order.

2.     Provide delivery, installation, commissioning and training according to the contract.

3.     We guarantee to sign technique agreement to meet your requirements.


After-sale service commitment

1.     Give guidance within 24 hours to help you solving the simple equipment failure.

2.     Vedio help you repairing and maintaning the equipment within 24 hours.

3.     Send technical personnel to the scene to deal with the product or depot repair for large fault.


Wuhan United Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd reserves all the rights for the final explaination of this service commitment. We will strictly provide considerate services in accordance with customer requirements and the provisions of the contract.