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Automatic Isolation Boots(gloves) Voltage Withstand Test Device





9.   Automatic Isolation Boots(gloves) Voltage Withstand Test Device


Brief introduction


HZJY Series Automatic isolation boots(gloves)voltage withstand test device is the special equipment for batch test of insulation boots(gloves), effectively solute the previous non sandard test methods, simplified the test procedure, improved the test speed, reduced the test strength, guaranteed the safty of operation person, reliablely indentified the leakage current, aged insulation and power frequency withstand ect of the insulated boots(gloves).It can test six pieces boots(gloves) at the same time. This device integrates high voltage power supply and control system into a whole body, with the characteristics of connection and test simple, layout reasonable and reliable, movement easy, assembly and disassembly flexible. It is an ideal substitute.

Product features


◆320x240LCD and thermal printer.

◆High voltage、low voltage current、6 channels leakage current total 8 channels test methods, high precision sensors and high performance 14 bit AD capture chip.

◆Full keyboard operation mode, intelligent working process, auto and manual two modes withstand test for choosing.

◆Real time display high voltage, low voltage current, 6 channels leakage current, time and test results, intuitive and brief display.

◆Automatically save setup data, display the last set data after starting up.

◆Good overcurrent and over voltage protection, output voltage、upper limitation of low voltage current、upper limitation of leakage current and timing can be set arbitrarily.

◆With the function of zero returning test, test can be carried out after returning to zero, safe and reliable.

◆Timing start when reaching the set voltage, automatically reduce voltage to zero after timing finish.

◆Output voltage will cut off automatically when over the upper limitation of low voltage current or leakage current, reduce voltage to zero and sound audible and/ or visible alarm.

◆Software and hardware anti-interference design with various anti-interference methods. Adapt to harsh electromagnetic environment.

◆Automatically diagnose fauls, easy to find and solve the problem.

◆Can choose to equip with long distance communication, the interlock alarm light and alarm bell, external voltage divider calibration interface ect.


Seven patents


●High voltage breaking mechanism

●Multi-channel leakage current test system

●High speed breaking device

●Infrared data communication technology

●Touch screen high voltage communication technology

●Fully enclosed high voltage chamber which isolating the influence of high voltage electromagnetic on human body

●Remote control technology, implementating the wireless online


Product parameter


Rated Capacity


Leakage Current


Output Voltage

AC220V±10% 50Hz±1

Leakage Current Resolution


Input Voltage

0-100kV AC DC

Current Accuracy


Voltage Accuracy


Timing Range


Low Voltage Current


Ambient Temperature